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Just as we have become accustomed to the requirement of “physical distancing”, its now time to look at practicing the art of distancing from thoughts that steal our sense of peace and possibility in every moment.

As always forward to all and sundry this may be of use to. Subscribe, and I’ll keep going 🙂 I know production quality remains lousy – I may invest in a mic eventually, lets see 😉

Sending all of you bushels of blessings and abundant affection.

Gargi Agarwala
Yoga. Meditation. Life Coach
Tel: 303 642 6733

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Looking for Speakers

Looking for Speakers

We have potentially over a year’s worth of fascinating and noteworthy topics coming up!  If you are interested in presenting to our amazing group or know someone who would, please send us a message — let’s get you on the list!

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Our New Website

We have partnered with Denise Dambrackas of Medulla, a member of our One in Wellness gang to create this website. 

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Operation Zebra

Our OZ Alliance (“Operation Zebra”) mosh pit is pushing toward an alternative healthcare model based on relationships, community and value to our patients and practitioners. Our network continues to expand access to the incredibly unique services of our practitioners and business owners.

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